Celebrations on the Bay

This is the tented ballroom. With this option comes this deck with the gazebo and also the setup on the website where the aisle leads down to the water. (It's the picture with the spiral trees on either side of the arch.) Inside the tent the ceiling is draped in fabric and their are actually chandeliers! At first I thought it was pretty cheesy... but they had pictures of actual weddings that were held there and they were beautiful!
The other option is the indoor ballroom. This room was set up for a wedding a little later in the day and everything was really elegant! This space comes with the deck on the water. The aisle would head down the deck in the direction the photo is facing. The other option, however, is to hold the ceremony in the room next to the ballroom. It has huge windows that face out onto the deck just like the ballroom and you don't have to make people sit out on the deck if it's windy and cold or scorchingly hot. That can be changed based on the weather that day or we could just plan to have it in the sun room. (I have no idea what they call it but that's how I think about it.) That's the room where we sat down and met with the coordinator. Unfortunately I was so overwhelmed at that point that I didn't think to take a picture of that room but it's basically on par with the ballroom, just a little smaller.
2042 Knollview Ave
Pasadena MD
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