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Well, I made it to VA. My last day at Lockheed was Friday December 9th (which unfortunately got snowed out). I stayed in MD for the weekend to hang out with friends and to play soccer with Dad and the rest of the Fightin' Oysters on Sunday. Then I put the last of my stuff in my car and drove down on Monday. :-P

There are still some boxes of candles and books that haven't been unpacked yet... but we're making progress! Chad finished his half-wall separating the living room and dining room. Now we just need to do some patch work on a few spots where things were hung so that we can start painting! Eventually we're planning to replace the kitchen linoleum and the dining room carpet with wood or tile flooring and also put new carpet in the living room. :)

I am now working for SAIC in Suffolk, VA. I started on Monday December 19th (and boy am I glad I took that week off!) and hit the ground running. I'm still working on making friends but at least I'm starting to get to know some of the people at work. :)

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