Bridesmaids: Karin Stevens, Kate Arrildt, Caitlin Heidemann, and Maggie Guerra

The Conclusion of the Saga
(February 26, 2006)

After talking with my bridesmaids I settled on the strapless dress (that's teal in the photos of me below). At first I was leaning towards the red one with the v-shaped back (in purple, of course) but I liked the other one too and the rest of the girls preferred that one. So, long story short, I finally settled on the strapless dress. So Karin and Kate went to get sized for their dresses. Well... they tried them on and the dress didn't hang right on their body shape. So they called me up to see what I thought. I told them that it was fine with me and to just try on anything that comes in the same color (victorian lilac). Less than 5 minutes later they called me back. They'd tried on the dress with the v-shaped back that was originally my first choice and they loved it! The dress looks a little boring in the photos (both of me and on David's website)... but I guess you just have to put it on to appreciate it!

Another Trip to David's
(February 2, 2006)

All of the dresses I looked at earlier (see the adventure below with Karin, Kate, and Cait) came in plum. It looked good on those three (I'm still working on getting together with Maggie!)... but it wasn't really what I had in mind. I pictured more of a bluish purple. Now I realize that I'm a procrastinator and that I should have picked the dressed months ago... but it worked out in my favor! The spring 2006 line of dresses came out at David's and they now have two dresses in victorian lilac that I like! I talked Chad in to going with me to the David's near our house to look at dresses. I used myself as the mannequin and he took the pictures. I put the teal one on mostly to appease Chad. He liked that one and I'd vetoed every other dress he picked out. :-P I didn't actually expect to like the red one either. The pictures on David's website don't do it justice. They don't even show the back! I actually love the red one. One of the bridesmaids in a friend's wedding wore that dress in the two-piece version and it was beautiful. I didn't really like the teal one at first. I didn't like the seams; they didn't seem to line up right... but then (a few days later) I remembered that it was about 4 sizes too big for me. Now wonder the dress didn't hang on me right! It wasn't supposed to fit someone my size! In the pictures below you can even see me holding the dress up. :-P Once I realized that, the dress started growing on me. Chad really likes it too. :) I like the red one a lot... but the teal one is more elegant in a grown-up sort of way, don't you think? The pictures of me in it aren't very good. I liked it more in person. I guess that's true of all of the pictures though. :-P Anyway, both dresses come in victorian lilac. If you click on the pictures below a new window will open up to that dress on the David's website. Victorian lilac is the second color swatch from the right on both pages. Yeah... I think I'm going with the strapless one. Now I just have to get the girls to go get sized! :)

A Day Shopping at David's Bridal
(September 4, 2005)

I was originally thinking about purple bridesmaids' dresses in a bluish purple. I think a darker purple look absolutely beautiful with silver accents! Little hints of silver could be incorporated in embroidery or beads or jewelry... Maybe we could put vases of white and purple flowers on the tables and fill the bottoms of the vases with silver marbles! And use silver ribbon to tie around the long-stemmed bouquets for me and the girls! I'm afraid the lilac dresses are too pale for what I had in mind. Now I'm considering a purple with more red in it. On the flowers page is a picture of some calla lilies with a coloring that I call "sunset". (It's the middle picture in the third row.) If we go with a plum dresses though then those might actually not clash!

Karin, Kate, and Caitlin came to David's with me to try on dresses. Look at these dresses they tried on! We picked out four that we all liked but we're also planning to check out Niko's where I bought my gown. :) Three of those dresses can be found on David's website so clicking on the name will open a new browser to David's image of that dress. Karin and I couldn't find the red one on their website though so I guess you'll just have to deal with our pictures. The pictures are sorted by dress but there is often more than one person in the picture so I listed which person is wearing the dress in question for each picture. To see all of the pictures taken on this adventure, look in the scrapbook. Not all of the dresses had purple ones in the right size, so you'll just have to do what we did and try to imagine them in purple. :-P

cowl neck

This one is simple and elegant. The fabric is also lightweight. It comes in both plum and victorian lilac. I like the indigo too. You can also see it here on David's website. There is just one url per style so you have to select which color to view. (1st row: Kate, Karin, Karin. 2nd row: Caitlin, Caitlin.)

halter top

This one is also lightweight fabric. It only comes in plum. (Ok, it comes in other colors too... but none of them are shades of purple. :-P) You can see it here on David's website too. (1st row: Katie, Caitlin. 2nd row: Karin, Karin.)

yellow flowers

This one is a lot like the cowl neck dress above but it has a small line of beading at the empire waist and there are fabric flowers down the left strap. It comes in plumberry. You can see it here on David's website. (1st row: Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin. 2nd row: Karin, Kate, Kate.)

red embroidery

This one has embroidery around the waist. We all really liked this one but it only comes in lilac. Unfortunately this one isn't included on David's website. 1st row: Karin, Kate, Kate. 2nd row: Caitlin, Caitlin.

just for amusement

As I'm sure you noticed in some of the other pictures, Kate and Cait were uh... entertaining to say the least! Here are some more pictures of my sisters' antics. (That's Arabian Caitlin on the right.) :-P

Ideas from Niko's Bridal Fashions

Bridal Fashions by Niko is where I bought MY dress. :) I'd like to take the girls shopping here before we make a decision about the bridesmaids dresses. Niko's is kind of a fancy schmancy little boutique in downtown Baltimore that sells some big name designers as well as some of their own designs by Niko. The dresses are going to be more expensive than the ones at David's but, since I bought my gown from them, I get a discount on the bridesmaids dresses which will hopefully make the prices more comparable. These dresses come from a variety of designers. Clicking the picture will open a new browser to the page for that dress on the designer's website.