Honeymoon in Jamaica

With a lot of help from Cheri Cullen (a friend of the family who happens to be a travel agent - lucky us!) we've booked an all-inclusive trip to Couples Ochos Rios for 9 whole nights! This place looks amazing! Check out the panoramic views on their website! Snorkeling and scuba diving and windsurfing and water skiing and kyaking and all kinds of other fun activities are included!

Look at how clear the water is! That island is a private sunbathing spot that belongs to the resort. It even has it's own bar and grill!
Everything looks so beautiful we can't wait to get there!
We're even going to have our own balcony!
The one side of the resort is all sand and water... but the other side is lush with tropical greenery!
It looks like the resort is being swallowed whole!
I'm really a beach kind of girl though... so I expect to spend most of my days out here...
... and I foresee us spending a lot of evenings here in the piano bar!