This page has information about both save-the-dates and invitations. Initially I had my heart set on matching save-the-dates and invitations... but then I got a reality check from Beanie. :-P She pointed out that if the invitations matched the save-the-dates then everyone would open them and say "Oh, they look just like the save-the-dates," but... if they didn't look just alike then people would say "Oh my! Look how beautiful these invitations are!" It then occurred to me that giving myself permission to pick non-matching stationery relieved all kinds of stress! Not only could did I have more freedom of choice... I could order save-the-dates now without having to make a final decision about invitations! (Thanks Beanie!)

Save-The-Date Magnets

I didn't actually end up ordering that diva couple magnet. I requested a sample and then, when it didn't arrive, I called them. They apologized profusely and promised it would go in the mail that day. I still never got it. I figured that at this point even if they did send the sample I didn't trust them enough to order from them! I found business card sized magnets at Micheal's. They came with adhesive because you're supposed to peel the backing off and stick on a business card. So I created this image in Photoshop and had OfficeMax print it on card stock and cut it down to business card size. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to get them stuck on straight! Chad helped though by trimming the edges. :) Then, once I gathered all the addresses I needed from my parents and Chad, I put them in the mail to our family members. I'm so glad they're out of my hair!


I ordered the invitations from a professional stationery store near our house called Stanley Adams. I got to go in and sit down with a super sweet lady and flip through books and books of samples. It was nice to be able to actually touch the samples and see them with sample wording printed in. (The samples that I requested by mail all came blank!) I picked out 3 invitations that I liked and then Chad went back with me a few days later to look at them. There was one that I LOVED! It was heavy purple paper and the lettering was white engraving... but it cost almost 4 times as much as the other 2 I was considering! It was beautiful but it was way out of the price range I had budgeted for stationery. I like the other two though. They were simple and elegant and truthfully beautiful in their own right. I think I just like the vibrant color of the engraved one so the white ones felt a little plain. So Chad and I picked one of the two remaining invitations on the table and I started filling out the paperwork. No sooner had I completed the back side of the order form and Chad pulls this page out of nowhere and says "How about this one?" I stared at him for a minute... and then exclaimed that I loved it! It was almost exactly the same design as the one I'd put on the order form but it was shinier and fancier! (I'm keeping the details a secret so you'll be surprised and awed when you open yours!) So I crossed out the whole order form and started over... but I'm glad that I did. I'm so happy Chad came with me that day! I'd have just settled for the plain white one if he hadn't pulled that one out of some random stationery book that I'd overlooked. :)