My Wedding Day Attire!

I have already bought my gown at Niko's but I couldn't find a picture of it online. I could go back to the store and take a picture of me in the one that's in-stock... but then it wouldn't be a surprise when I walk down the aisle! I can still share my search for the rest of my wedding day accessories though!


I am going to wear my hair up so I want a tiara with pearls to match my dress and a veil that drops from beneath my hair - something like the first two picture below. I want the tiara to be really simple and elegant. I don't like the ones that are too big or busy-looking. :-P Some places call them all tiaras... but other differentiate between tiaras, headbands, and bun wraps. I've seen a lot of pictures though where the headpiece is not worn the way it was intended. A very common example is headbands being worn on top of the head around a bun.


I'm not exactly sure what type of veil I want. There are so many length to choose from! I think I want something that is longer than my shoulders but no longer than my waist. I think that one is called "elbow length"... but I'm still working out all the technical terms. :-P The veil will have to be ivory (since my gown is ivory). I liked one a saw that had a defined border. It was a really thin ribbon of satin - not so much satin trim, but almost just a hem. I'll have to find a picture like that. I don't think I want any lacy designs or other embroidery. The top of my dress is so pretty that I think a busy veil would detract from that.