Other Vendors


I booked Absolute Entertainment as the DJ for our wedding. They were recommended to me by Celebrations. Celebrations doesn't have a stake in their bookings (in other words, they don't get a commission) but Absolute Entertainment has done almost 200 wedding there! (That includes upcoming events.) That's reassuring because they know the layout and have already dealt with any challenges regarding power outlets, acoustics, etc. They gave me a discount because our wedding is on a slow day (since Thursday is not a traditional event day) and another because I paid him upfront. How great is that!? They're going to use a big mega bass speaker which allows them to focus the music on the dance floor while turning down the small speakers around the room to permit normal conversation. I'm glad they thought of that! :-P Chad and I have given them a sampling of the kind of music we like (and the kinds we don't like) but we'll meet with them again before the wedding to finalize music selections for the processional and the first dance as well as general guidelines for the ceremony. If you have any musical suggestions, please let us know!

Photography and Videography

I've been looking at a couple of photographers that were recommended by Celebrations but Caitlin is also sending me information she gathered on photographers and videographers at a bridal show. Heather, the sister of Caitlin's boyfriend, Paul, is also getting married this year and Caitlin is going to be in her wedding too. Fortunately for me, Heather took all of her bridesmaids to a show and Caitlin was thoughtful enough to :) Thanks Cait!

Makeup and Hair

I definitely want to have my hair done for the wedding. I would also like someone to do my make-up. It's just one less thing I have to stress over. :-P I'm hoping my bridemaids will join me in getting my hair done! I'm looking for someone that will come to us. It's not a requirement... but it would be nice since we wouldn't have to trapse all over the state that day and wear ourselves out! Please let me know if you know of anyone good!!